Are the Dog Band Tees all one of a kind?

Yes, they are!


Can you make 2 of the same Dog Band Tees but in different sizes?

Only if I find the same t-shirt twice. In that case it will be the same design but as everything is handmade they won’t look exactly the same.


What if I’m not sure about what size I need?

Feel free to get in touch and I will be more than happy to guide you!


Custom and personalised orders

Unfortunately I currently do not accept any custom requests


Do you ship internationally?

No, currently shipping is UK only.


Shipping & Delivery

Everything is delivered via Royal mail first class. 

We aim to dispatch all purchases in 5 days of the order being placed this gives me time to make the product to order reducing waste!


How are you earth friendly and sustainable?

I use second-hand, preloved and deadstock materials for the majority of each product I create. Any essential materials such as threads and trimmings which I can’t always find as deadstock are purchased from other local small businesses and are Oeko-Tex-Standard 100 Certified and are marked in each listing where used.

Also, all the packaging, stickers and flyers I use have ZERO PLASTIC - it is all 100% plastic free, recyclable and reusable!


How are you a Zero Waste business?

Everything here gets saved and reused later, even loose threads!
The threads go in a little jar that I keep next to my sewing machines. All scraps from production are separated by colour and type and will then be used as part of other products.


What is Deadstock Fabric?

Deadstock (also referred as overstock, remnant or surplus fabric) is a term used to describe fabric that has been produced but never used or sold. It might come from fashion houses overestimating demand or cancelling an order, fabric mills producing incorrect colours or from damaged/flawed batches.
The main benefit of using deadstock fabric for our products is that it allows us to use already existing material that is otherwise destined to landfill. Using deadstock fabrics also means creating one of a kind items! These fabrics are often limited in quantity and are very hard to come by again, meaning every product is unique!


What's the composition of the fabrics you use?

The majority of the fabric I use come either from textile industry waste, such as deadstock fabrics, or is pre-used like second hand fabrics. Unfortunately, it can be really hard to trace deadstock fabrics to their source, so it’s not always possible to know how these fabrics were produced and what fibres they are made of. The same applies for second hand materials, and this is why sometimes you’ll find only ‘Deadstock Fabric’ or 'Second Hand Fabric' in the listing description. When the fabric composition is known, it will be always noted on the listings!


Please contact us using the form if any of your questions aren't answered here!